Prayer of Fatima audio file

Prayer of Fatima


 Oh people of the world..listen, listen to what the Holy prophet (peace be upon him and his family) has said...

"Oh Fatima, every eye shall be weeping on the day of judgement, except the eye which has shed tears over the tragedy of Hussain

for surely that eye shall be laughing and shall be given the glad tidings and comforts of paradise"..


On the day that Hussain was born

the Prophet took him in his arms

he looked at him with grace

but tears came rolling down his face

Ya Hussain Ya Hussain Ya Hussain Ya Hussain


Fatima saw this sight, that left her in a fright

Father why do you cry

tell me please tell me why


The Prophet replied my love

the tyrants will kill Hussain

He'll cry out for help many times

yet they will continue with their crimes

Ya Hussain Ya Hussain Ya Hussain Ya Hussain


The tyrants will leave Hussain thirsty

with horses they will trample his body

His companions will not be spared

on spears they will carry their holy heads

Ya Hussain Ya Hussain Ya Hussain Ya Hussain


After the tragic death of Hussain

the oppressors will parade Zainab

they'll take her through Kufa and Shaam

the mighty daughter of MY IMAAM

Ya Hussain Ya Hussain Ya Hussain Ya Hussain


Fatima began to weep, felt an ache very deep

Father will I be there? Father will you be there?


The prophet replied my dear

Hussain will be all alone

neither you nor Ali nor Hassan

nor me My Daughter, there'll be no one

Ya Hussain Ya Hussain Ya Hussain Ya Hussain


Sorrow grief and despair, darkness pain filled the air

Father how can this be? who will cry, who will plea?


The Prophet consoled Fatima

and wiped the tears off Her face

oh My Daughter don't fear

Allah will bring a nation called the Shia


Fatima looked up high, raised Her hands in the sky

those who mourn My Hussain, God keep them safe give them no pain


 We are the prayer of Fatima, daughter of the prophet of Allah


We will never stop remembering Hussain

till the last day, you'll hear his name

everywhere we go every step we take

we'll remember in this world why we came

as a prayer of Fatima, our mission we will fulfill

from every corner of this world you will hear

" Hussain Hussain (x5) "


This voice and poetry came from you Fatima

"ADEEYA SAANIA MAHUM" wish for this Fatima

when your lovers hear this noha Ya Fatima

May their hearts at that time cry out loud ...