Waiting For You audio

Waiting For You lyrics video

Waiting For You


Mehdi, mehdi, mehdi


(Oh mehdi we’re waiting for you) x4


1.     Our lives are dark and our hearts are broken

Now is the time for your intervention

there are no choices left there is no option

there is no hope left you are the chosen

our souls are dying whilst we are still alive

how can we go on, how can we now survive

we’re waiting for that, time when you will arrive

so that religion and faith can be revived

The worlds become false, come and make it true,

oh mehdi we re waiting for you


(Oh mehdi we’re waiting for you) x4


2.     The poor are dying their tears are flowing

They have lost everything their fears are growing

The world is standing by though it is knowing

The persecution that they are facing

Wherever we look there is just bloodshed

There is no love left not even a shred

Now all around the world, the evil has spread

Though hearts are beating, inside they are dead

There’s no sincerity, the good are but a few,

oh mehdi we’re waiting for you


(Oh mehdi we’re waiting for you) x4


3.     We’ve lost our way Like, a boat without a sail

The smallest winds make, this faith of ours sway

Our sins are countless, we’re filled up with hate

There is no honesty, no love to convey

How can we say that for you we’re ready

We’ve lost perspective of all reality

The essence of life we’ve failed to see

We’re not content we’ve succumbed to our greed

Our faith is losing out, what shall we now do,

oh mehdi we re waiting for you


(Oh mehdi we’re waiting for you) x4


The times befalling, the lovers of Hussain

Are unprecedented, we’re facing so much pain

So many massacres from place to place

The streets of Pakistan, the roads of Bahrain

The world is crying out for you to bring peace

Avenge the genocides, through your justice

And rid this universe of evil and sin

Allow us to be the ones within your midst

This world has lost love, is hurtful and cruel

Oh mehdi we’re waiting for you,


(Oh mehdi we’re waiting for you) x4


I think about you everyday

I sit alone, close my eyes and pray

How long’s this gonna take Imam, How long do we have to wait?

Shias dying in Pakistan

Iraq and Afghanistan

Children in Syria and Bahrain

Being massacred day after day after day after day


Oh imam we need your reappearance

We’re crying for help maybe you can’t hear us

I know inside that my soul ain’t pure,

I’ve wronged myself, I’m tryn’a find a cure

One day I wanna be your soldier,

My heart keeps growing colder

Every time I get a step closer

There’s another barrier,

I fall, I fall so I need you as the carrier


Where are you? We need your guidance

Your lovers are dying at the hands of tyrants

Soldiers bursting into their rooms pulling the trigger

Making all of our lives problems even bigger

Why? Because we love the Ahlulbayt

We follow their path regardless of our fate

We need your help! Its not insanity

It’s a plea from all of humanity


You’re gonna come down like a charm

Paradise in your palm

Standing arm in arm

With the purest hearts

You’ll bring about calm

Save our souls from harm

There’ll be no more alarm

As the world will disarm



This is the dream that’ll make me

God won’t forsake me

The devil won’t break me

His words won’t shake me

When you will awake me

Your light will save me

The evil will hate me

This world won’t take me


InshAllah I will join your army, InshaAllah

My will is strong no one will harm me, InshaAllah

Oh Imam I will stand by your side and rise up to reveal the truth

Whether you’re are the highest peaks or in the deepest valleys

You won’t need to find me because I will come looking for you